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jodaCoaching can be defined as a facilitation of self learning.
The answers you seek are within you…. they have always been there along with your unique self and life purpose. With the support and honest authentic guidance of the horses and your human coach the possibilities for self discovery are limitless.

I really like another definition of the word ‘coaching’ referred to on Wikipedia which states that ‘the term coaching has been used in language to describe the process used to transport people from where they are to where they want to be.’

Many of us feel that life is a journey, and questions that arise range from:

– Where am I?
– Where do I go next?
– What action/s will lead me to achieve my goals?
– Is this it?

6Equine gestalt coaching supports this process by asking questions and also presenting the opportunity to really move the energy connected to a situation, gaining new perspective and reframing of that which was holding us back enabling us to step forwards on our true path.

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