About Liz – Your human coach!

Hi, I’m Liz, I am the founder of Hearts and Hooves Connection Coaching. I consider myself an eternal student of the horse and of true connection to oneself, nature and to the present moment. After a fairly ‘regular’ childhood playing with ponies as often as possible, I studied Agriculture at University but was drawn back to the horses as a career path.

I worked in a variety of equestrian facilities ranging from hunter/jumper, physiotherapy & rehabilitation, polo & veterinary care in a variety of countries during my twenties always seeking connection, and finding it in the sweet breath and gentle, yet strong and reassuring presence of the horses no matter where I ended up.

A period of settled life found me connecting with my Icelandic mare Joda, who has been with me for 17 years and during that time she has been my doorway to the expansion of my life experience with horses and in many other ways. More travel commenced in 2014 with a trip to Canada leading to many exciting connections with people and animals. At this time I became aware of my desire to find a way of combining my love of horses with the desire to assist others with their journey to self awareness and so ‘teachers’ began to appear in my world.

I was strongly drawn to the teachings of ‘Melisa Pearce of Touched by a Horse (USA)‘ and completed a comprehensive 2 year training to gain my qualification as an EGC (Equine Gestalt Coach).


I feel I have now aligned with my true path….

The themes of my life have always been horses, nature, travel, possibility and connection. As I step forwards into this new phase of life, I wish to experience and share the bliss of these themes with other people. I envision a future living space where a family of horses can roam on a large acreage, where mother nature supports life organically and clear from pollution, where people can truly connect with themselves, each other and this moment of now… and now…. and now. The possibilities are limitless and I believe in my future, trusting that it will unfold perfectly.

This last six months has brought around massive changes for me and the team. The biggest has been our relocation!!

We are now living on a 250acre hill farm close to the beautiful coastline of Porthmadog, Gwynedd. The journey to this place has been a long unfolding and I have to pinch myself daily to really acknowledge that i am here in such an amazing place! I had a seed of a vision planted in me 8 years ago in Canada and this location now is the realisation of that seed!! This has led me to pay more attention to the power of focus and manifestation as magic is Possible! It has been proven to me! 

About the horses – Your equine coaches!

Joda is an 23 year old Icelandic mare. She has a deep soul and a huge heart, holding a stoic and calm presence with a very warm, furry coat!

May is a 12 year old Welsh pony mare, she wears her heart on her sleeve giving direct information and clarity. She also loves to get involved!


Buggles is a 25 year old Shetland pony gelding, small but mighty!!

Tom Jones is a 11year old section C Welsh pony! The leader of the pack!


Fluga is a 11 year old Icelandic mare, again carrying the stoic, wise presence of her heritage.

Depending on location other horses may be invited to cofacilitate.

For more information, please contact Liz on 07732470482 or email