Retreats 2023: Blossoming

I offer personally designed retreats for you to take time out, release stuck energy, and feel more whole.

Covid-times have destroyed the old maps and paradigms. The future can feel unsafe and unpredictable: many people feel lost. My speciality is helping you find yourself and get “un-lost”. Once you can re-feel your feet on the ground a whole new world can open up in front of you. Choosing where and how to take the best next step can be overwhelming.

The horses and I offer you a safe space to rest into, to feel held enough to start to breathe into your edges, to unfurl your wings, to open to new possibilities, to start the journey to blossoming.

All is welcome.

Typicallly a retreat across three days and two nights would include a one hour session on the first evening, two two-hour sessions on the second day and a one hour session on the last day. However shorter bespoke retreats can also be arranged.

Sessions could include:

  • Gestalt Coaching Sessions with or without horses
  • Meditation with the horses or in nature
  • Guided walks in nature with or without coaching support

These retreats are suitable for anyone who wishes to increase their connection to self, to expand their knowingness and to invite more clarity and compassion to their life.

Accommodation can be arranged for you at a local air bnb – or you can arrange your own place to stay plus camping may be available onsite.

I can also arrange for the following

  • Access Bars energetic rebalancing
  • Bodywork sessions with local therapists

You don’t need to have any horse experience for the Gestalt sessions or meditation.

Accomodation in this beautiful area of Wales is super popular this year so book early.

Email me and we’ll arrange a time to design a retreat that will support you in getting un-lost, to re-find yourself and to recognise your own blossoming journey.