Why Horses/Why Coaching?

Why Horses in Connection Coaching?

Horses have so much to teach us on the journey to self discovery. Over thousands of years of association with humans we have historically used the horse in many different ways, as transport, food, battlemounts, sport and as a companion. I believe the times are changing in our relationships with horses. I believe that we are moving towards a different perspective, where the horse is a teacher.
With the EGC method the horse is my cofacilitator, in fact she is much more than this. The very physical presence of this 1200 lb animal is enough to still my beating heart, to bring immense peace and a feeling of pure love and connection. With four feet firmly connected to the earth she is at one with nature, the wind caressing her hair.


Eyes observing nearly 360 degrees around her she is aware of almost everything through keenly evolved senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and feel in addition to the extra senses of energy flow. The horse is a prey animal, safety is priority and so knowing if something or indeed someone is ‘safe’ is a basic function for survival even in times of domestication. The way that a horse decides if someone is ‘safe’ is through ‘reading’ their energy, seeing who they really are in that moment in time. Horses are always their authentic selves, they thus identify when we are detached from that in ourselves and will call us on that, but without judgement. They hold a safe space allowing you to access the truth within you, letting go of any fear or doubt and standing in your own power and self worth.

When you feel the heart of a horse you will know the feeling of coming home… to you.

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