“It was an outstanding experience being with you & the horses; an idyllic setting in perfect weather, your very careful set-up & caring approach made me feel safe & supported.”
Veronica, Denbighshire.

“Loved the bit about needs, about embodiment, about acknowledging pain in the body. Loved it”
Helen, Bangor.

“Amazing last night was, thankyou, the pony let me know that there is nothing more important than alignment’
Jenny, Caernarfon

“Liz listens deeply to what is being said and what needs to be heard”
Kirstin, Arizona

“You can trust the journey with Liz as she finds the relationships of the parts of your story and supports the process you are in – whatever it is!”
Brigid, Washington

“Liz gently supports and guides clients through self discovery into finding their truth, she gives her undivided attention and creates a safe and loving space”
Brenda, Colorado.

“I was interested to explore Gestalt equine life coaching for lots of reasons, but mainly I was curious about what it could bring to my life.

“Our sessions have been amazing and so empowering. We explored what came up using a number of creative tools and methods, led by Liz and supported by the wonderful ponies that help Liz with her work.

“The ponies who work with her are wonderful, they each have their own characters and bring different energies to the session. They supported me to move and shift my energies to find my better self, it was truly magical. 

“I would warmly recommend Hearts & Hooves connections coaching to anyone who is looking to make a change, better understand themselves or to explore your inner you. Liz’s approach to her work is warm, kind, open and compassionate, with a purpose, at your own pace. Liz has been available and supportive before, during and after our sessions, helping to reflect on the experience and further my understanding of all that came up.

“Explaining how rewarding our sessions were is difficult, because finding the words to explain how it felt just don’t do it justice.

“The easiest way to explain it is to say I felt repaired by the whole experience. And I feel this repairing is still growing inside me. I feel stronger and feel I have more self belief in myself and the people around me, my support team. I feel I have a deeper understanding of who I am, my hopes, dreams, behaviours which hold me back and what is possible if I am brave and try. I feel an inner strength has been found which has given me the courage and self compassion I need to be happy and follow my dreams. The work we did felt empowering because it was at my pace, naturally flowed, exploring what came up within the safety of the setting Liz and her ponies had created for us.”

Louise, Wales

For more information, please contact Liz on 07732470482 or email liz@heartsandhoovesconnectioncoaching.com.